T-Mobile Hikes SMS Price, Calls Old Price ‘Discounted’

Sam C. writes in with this heads-up for T-Mobile subscribers, especially those that use a lot of SMS:

Here’s a bit of marketing-speak for you.

I’ve got T-Mobile, about half-way through a one-year contract. (and regretting it). Rate increases really annoy me, since all I can do is complain about it. So, I’m complaining to you.

T-mobile is upping their rate from $0.05 to $0.10 per text message. 10 cents is pretty standard, but that wasn’t the agreement when I joined.

Here’s the page with the original price.

Here’s the page with the new price.

Here’s the kicker. On the page with the new price, there’s a footnote that reads “Discounted domestic messaging rate (for US telephone numbers) of $0.05 each in effect through February 28, 2006.”

It reminds me of 1984 when Winston notes that people had demonstrated to thank Big Brother because their chocolate ration had been increased to 20 grams. (when it had actually be reduced to 20 from 30) The disinformation is disturbing.

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