American Houses, Blouses Trend Together

This is far from science—and the author of this chart doesn’t claim that it is—but you might find it a bit amusing to see this correlation between American’s median home size and our rates of obesity. Both are blossoming.

Of course the real challenge is discovering what other upward trends we could also plot on the same points. Any takers?

Americans Grow To Fit Their Environment [Alchemic Spot]


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  1. Andy S. says:

    Average personal vehicle size, perhaps? The SUV trend is pretty indicative of our overall need for larger spaces in which to house our expansive posteriors.

  2. airship says:

    Personally, I keep moving into smaller and smaller places. I now weigh twice what I did 25 years ago, and live in a place that’s half the size. No way do I want to move my fat butt any further than I have to – I want the refrigerator as close as possible to the Lazy Boy, and the bathroom right next door to the bedroom.

  3. Smoking Pope says:

    My hunch is that fudge stains are way, way up.

  4. People Paula says:

    I’d definitely guess an inverse in standardized test scores….

  5. This is pretty funny. Interestingly enough this is actually science when it comes to fish. By increasing or decreasing the size of a tank, you can actually change the growth rate for a fish.