Wal-Mart Executive Funds $500,000 Booze-Fueled Rampage

It turns out that our loathed, stinky arch-nemesis Wal-Mart doesn’t merely steal the souls of the self-respecting working Joe (not to mention the serenity of America’s picturesque highway suburbs). It also steals from itself.

A former Wal-Mart Stores Inc. vice chairman who was a protege of founder Sam Walton pleaded guilty to fraud and tax charges Tuesday, admitting that he stole money, gift cards and merchandise from the world’s largest retailer.

Tom Coughlin, 57, faces a maximum of 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to five counts of wire fraud and one count of filing a false tax return. He also could be fined $1.35 million.

The judge ordered a presentencing report that will take up to 14 weeks to prepare.

Wal-Mart lawyers referred Coughlin to federal prosecutors after discovering Coughlin had embezzled money from the company and used expense vouchers to buy products as varied as snakeskin boots, hunting trips and Bloody Mary mix. They estimated losses at up to $500,000.

You read that right: a significant portion of that $500,000 may have been made up of Wal-Mart brand Bloody Mary Mix. Our boy Tom was a big drinker, apparently, ripping himself off “a cooler, two cases of Smirnoff, two cases of Miller Light beer, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carton of tequila, and other items”. Coughlin also defrauded the company “to pay for the care of his hunting dogs, lease a private hunting area, upgrade his pickup truck… and receive $3,100 in cash.” Which we assume he used to buy even more booze, because really, doesn’t he just look the jactitating drunk type? He looks like Albert Finney in The Green Man. Chug, Tom! Chug!


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  1. mrscolex says:

    Heres some insightful comments from everyone’s favorite consumerist troll, me:

    Wal-mart is the #1 retailer in America, yet CEO executive pay is only Rank 155 out of the top-paid CEO’s in America according to Forbes. Even if you drill that down to retail only, he’s still only rank 9.

    To put that in comparison, the CEO for Home Depot, who is rank 2 in retail gets paid DOUBLE what the CEO for wal-mart does.

    But who cares right? They’re all overinflated.

    Lets put that in perspective, the CEO of Coach (as in the Coach handbags) gets paid about 10 times more than the wal-mart CEO.

    Then there are some on the opposite ends of the spectrum that you guys may not know about. Steve Jobs has a yearly salary of 1 dollar. (0 on forbes) with just stock options. Jeff Bezos from Amazon only gets paid 82,000 dollars per year. The CEO of google gets paid 86,000 dollars per year. (people who are claiming that there is a profit motivation for Google to be bowing to the chinese government need to put that in perspective given that their yearly revenue isn’t exactly lining the pockets of their executives)

    Curious about a company? Check them out here: http://www.forbes.com/static/execpay2005/rank.html

  2. rheiser says:

    Hey! It’s W.C. Fields in a monkey suit!

  3. SamC says:

    He looks like he ATE W.C. Fields. *burp*

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..Hmmm. I want to know where this Walmart is that sells Tequilla, Smirnoff and Jack?!? I’m sick of paying $40 for a 1.5 liter!