CSR of the Week: Zachary Byron Helm

We are delighted to have been contacted by Zachary Byron Helm [pictured], the mohawked warrior of T-Mobile’s customer service, whose picture we posted just last week.

He writes: “You recently posted a picture of a T-mobile employee … it is in fact a legitimate photo. I was a team lead at teh Thornton Colorado call center, which is a churched up term for “General crap-on, not quite a supervisor yet personel” which also means you get to do all the fun stuff a supervisor doesn’t actually want to do such as taking calls wherein someone requests a member of management.

It saddens us to know that Mr. Byron Helm seems to no longer be employed by T-Mobile, as his appearance gave the first sign of personality the tight-jawed company desperately needed. Nevertheless, Zachary, we salute your good nature and officially crown you The Consumerist’s CSR of the Week. May the road rise up to meet your hearse, and may the wind be always simultaneously to your right and left.

Mr. Byron Helm’s Live Journal

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