Consumers Speak: Rocks

<!––>We’re really going to have to change our tagline to “Consumers suck up”. We’ve receive yet another excellent endorsement for a company’s customer service… this time, online t-shirt retailer, who sell a variety of Japanohydrocephalia-brand merchandise. Also, the adorable Tofu robot t-shirt to the left!

Loyal Consumerist reader Amanda Montague writes in:

Hi there. I’ve been reading Consumerist daily for a little while now, mostly for the schadenfreude, but a little bit to find out which retailers suck the hardest. I haven’t had a really bad retail or customer service experience lately, but I have had a really good one so I thought I would tell you about it just for shits and giggles. This is actually a really small online merchant and I know you guys usually take on the bigger gorillas, but I would just love to send some traffic to this store because I haven’t had this good an experience for a really long time. The store is called Spicy Brown ( and they sell t-shirts and a few other items of their own design. They also have some recipes on their site (which I haven’t tried). I’m not sure, but I think the store may be run by one guy, Scott Brown. I especially recommend looking at their “Sushi Neko” collection which is so adorable it makes me want to cut myself.

More girlish enthusiasm after the jump.

I don’t even have an interesting story for you about this store, just consistently fast and polite replies to emails, good service, fast shipping (I placed two orders and both times received my items the day after placing my order), and a great product. If you want the longer version here it is:

When I first discovered the store (through, they were showing most of the items I was interested in as out of stock. I sent an email asking when they would have some of the items back in and got a response within an hour from Scott Brown asking what specific items I was interested in. Yada, yada, basically I exchanged several emails with Scott Brown over the course of an evening and got a response to each one almost right away — then the next day, I got an email from him thanking me for pointing out that some items were showing out of stock because there was a problem with their e-commerce software and the items I wanted actually were in stock. I ordered right away and got my t-shirts the very next day. Of course such fast receipt has a lot to do with the fact that the shipping site is pretty close to where I live (southern California), but obviously the items were mailed the same day that I ordered. When I got them, the shirts were so completely awesome that I ordered a couple more items for a friend’s birthday and again got them the next day after I ordered… and received a very nice thank you email from Scott. I also got a thank you from him when I wrote a positive Yahoo! merchant review.

Basically, I’ve just had exactly the opposite of the experience I usually expect when dealing with retailers, especially online, that (even at the risk of Scott thinking I’m stalking him) I wanted to praise this store to someone who might actually send some business their way. Here’s hoping!

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