Dominoes Pizza Fires Driver for Being Robbed

Everyone has seen the signs saying, ‘The delivery does not have more than $20 in cash.’ Who knew that having more than $20 on hand was a fireable offense? According to The Roanoke Times, Christine Clayborne, a six-year veteran of pizza delivery with Dominoes, was fired after she was robbed on the job, because having more than $20 made her “look like a target,” she says. At least she’s kept a good sense of humor about the robbery:

Before she could respond, a man wearing a ski mask and crouched close to the ground sprayed her with a fire extinguisher.

“I was in disbelief,” Clayborne said.

She couldn’t see. Her whole body was covered in white foam.

“Is this guy serious?” Clayborne said she asked herself at the time. “It was the funniest thing. He seemed pretty shaky.”

Clayborne’s bosses say she is liable for any money lost over $20, which seems nearly impossible for a driver to manage if they have multiple stops on a delivery, but far more reasonable than any justification that could be used to fire an employee of six years just because she had some bad luck. She deserves an apology—and her job back. (Thanks, Davis!)

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