Hipsters Speak: Stupid Rent!

While we’re not advocating blowing off your landlord, per se—you guys got us feeling all guilty after we suggested you could lie to companies to put off paying bills—we found the thread that erupted after this post on Williamsboard to be pretty entertaining. It starts:

sneaky flutes posted this on Jan 26th, 2006 at 01:08:43 pm
basically i’m considering blowing off my rent for the last two months on my lease and saving the money on a new, nicer place. i’m just trying to cover the stupid broker fee that i would otherwise not be able to come up with in time.

i’m a little worried about the reprecussions of this. firstly, what would the landlord be able to do? i’m pretty sure he would rather not spend the extra $$$ to take me to court. would this look bad on my credit? would the new landlord be able to look up this information? what if i tell the new landlord i was just living with friends, and was not on any lease? would they be able to look this info up?

i’d rather be honest but this place sucks. there’s a ton of things he never fixed anyway. why should i pay my stupid rent?

Uh, because you said you would? [via snark’s magnetic north, Gawker]


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  1. nweaver says:

    Ha, what a luzer.

    I don’t know a landlord in the world who wouldn’t happily file a small-claims-court suit for $30 to recover $3000-5000 in lost rent, if the security deposit didn’t cover the unpaid rent.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Ah, sweet rationalization. The landlord didn’t fix everything so I’m entitled to screw him over. Perhaps you should trash the place on the way out just to teach him his lesson.

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    naw, let him try it out and see what happens…moron

  4. Building says:

    Good God,
    Some of you consumerists are over brutal.

    Have you never been to the point of wanting to stick it to the man no matter what the reproductions?

    Christ, give the guy a break.

    I give this guy way more credit than you who just laugh it off sarcastically.
    He’s so upset/tight on cash he’s willing to risk legal actions. If he was not treated right, which most of us are not in the wide world of money, I say what the hell! Stick to the old man, ruffle his feathers. If you care about yourself and even a little about others you’ll take a shit on that old mans comfort zone. Heck, maybe he’ll even be one of the five people you meet in heaven.

  5. Kishi says:

    This guy isn’t trying to stick it to the man, he’s trying to screw over his landlord for his own benefit. He’s not willing to risk legal action over it, the main thrust of it seems to be how he’s scared of the repercussions of the act. The stuff that didn’t get fixed seems to be more rationalization than anything.

    I’m sympathetic to the whole tight on cash thing, given my current financial state, but not paying your rent is just a dumb move.

  6. Le Grand Lapin says:

    This is about honesty. If you rented the place in good faith and agreed to the commercial terms up front, you owe the landlord.

    If there was an agreement between you and the landlord to fix other things, there are other ways to address these issues.

    Are you willing to say goodbye to your deposit?

    Here are some rules I think are good to use as touchstones on a deal (aka the Rotary 4-way test)
    1) is it the Truth?
    2) is if fair to all concerned?
    3) will it build goodwill and better friendships?
    4) will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    If you think that the original deal/contract you signed met these tests, then it’s pretty lame to try and back out now.