Hipsters Speak: Stupid Rent!

While we’re not advocating blowing off your landlord, per se—you guys got us feeling all guilty after we suggested you could lie to companies to put off paying bills—we found the thread that erupted after this post on Williamsboard to be pretty entertaining. It starts:

sneaky flutes posted this on Jan 26th, 2006 at 01:08:43 pm
basically i’m considering blowing off my rent for the last two months on my lease and saving the money on a new, nicer place. i’m just trying to cover the stupid broker fee that i would otherwise not be able to come up with in time.

i’m a little worried about the reprecussions of this. firstly, what would the landlord be able to do? i’m pretty sure he would rather not spend the extra $$$ to take me to court. would this look bad on my credit? would the new landlord be able to look up this information? what if i tell the new landlord i was just living with friends, and was not on any lease? would they be able to look this info up?

i’d rather be honest but this place sucks. there’s a ton of things he never fixed anyway. why should i pay my stupid rent?

Uh, because you said you would? [via snark’s magnetic north, Gawker]