Apple Powerbook Audio Flaw: One Month and Counting

Owners of the last generation of ‘high-resolution’ Apple Powerbooks are reporting major audio issues that cause an echo or looping effect to occur when playing sound. That’s a real problem for a platform used heavily by musicians and video artists, so one would expect Apple to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Well, Apple acknowledged the problem on December 16th, but no fix has been issued, save Apple’s suggestion to “run only one audio application at a time.” Since many report that external sound hardware alleviates the issue, it could be that the problem is hardware-based, making a quick patch impossible.

So much for that old chestnut to “only ever buy Apple hardware past the first generation.”


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  1. LLH says:

    the old chesnut is the best chesnut – although saying that, i got the first generation 12″ powerbook and it’s still zipping along just fine! (knock wood) but as soon as gen 2 of the new ones come out you know i’m all over it! as far as the sound issue – something similar happened when OSx came around and there were issues for audio ichat – it was fixed in the system pref. in the sound section – audio in’s & out’s and things that were being overriden…riding…you know what i mean!