B2.0’s “101 Dumbest Moments in Business” 2005

Join us as we read the Business 2.0 (on CNNMoney) piece, ‘101 Dumbest Moments in Business (2005),’ featuring old favorites like the Sony BMG rootkit scandal and Overstock.com’s Patrick Byrne’s famous “Sith Lord” investor call, as well as new gems like this:

Speaking at an ad industry event in Toronto, WPP Group’s worldwide creative director, Neil French, says there aren’t more female creative directors “because they’re crap” and they eventually “wimp out” and “go off and suckle something.” French speaks from a stage decorated as a hunting lodge while being served drinks by a woman in a skimpy maid’s outfit, of whom he asks, “Could you lean over a bit more?” Two weeks later WPP accepts French’s resignation.

Today we are totally in love with B2.0. They need to make this a weekly feature.


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  1. mrscolex says:

    See how we punish the people for telling it like it is? ;)


  2. Juancho says:

    I have an ad degree and am still trying to break into the biz. It’s crap like this makes me ashamed to say that. This item sent shockwaves through the industry this year.

    Not only did French say this stuff, he’s a LEGEND.