McDonald’s Starts Corporate Responsibility Blog

Cool. McDonald’s has started up a Corporate Responsibility Blog. Bob Langert, McDonald’s Senior Director for Corporate Responsibility, aims to open up the internal workings of McDonald’s to the scrutiny of his readers, field questions and talk about what McDonald’s is doing to address criticism of its practices.

Sure, it’s full of maudlin corporate sensitivity speak, with pretentious post titles like “Confessions of a Horse Whisperer.” It’s still a great move. This is exactly the sort of thing more companies should be doing—engaging in an actual ~dialogue with its customers. Given that so much criticism of companies is coming from the blogging community these days, it’s excellent to see a company deliver more than a token tug job to placate the plebs. This isn’t some static page posing as a blog—it appears to have comments and trackbacks and everything.

There’s lots of great reasons to hate McDonald’s. Nothing Morgan Spurlock says, because he’s full of shit, but you can take them to task for loads of other things, including the fact that their fast food is nigh-inedible offal. But opening up a forum to address those complaints is a great move by McDonald’s. Here’s hoping they keep it up.


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  1. People Paula says:

    I love how this picture of Andy Milonakis’ son keeps making the rounds.

  2. non-meat-stick says:

    What do you think he’s pointing at?

  3. LLH says:

    the mother of those children should be brought up on child abuse charges using this photo as evidence.

  4. People Paula says:

    He’s actually pointing at those fries right there. He can’t quiiiiiiiite reach them….

  5. airship says:

    Just for those who have been living under the proverbial rock, Andy has a medical condition that makes him look like that. His size is not ALL McDonald’s fault. However, mine is.