Consumerist Research Team Assemble: Buying Cigarettes in New York

Since today is turning out to be one of those days where we lay out all our shortcomings and ask you to help us fix them, we’ll see our own bad credit and raise ourselves one addiction. It seems that Bloomberg is threatening to raise cigarette taxes again, which would bring the tax total to $3.50, or more than most people pay for cigarettes in their entirety in most states.

So yeah, they’re an awful habit and we know it—as soon as we can figure out how to order Zyban from Canadian pharmacies we’ll try to quit again, promise (not kidding)—but until then, help us find the best way to order cartons of cigarettes in New York state. We would prefer American Spirits, since that is our death of choice, but any good options will be considered, especially since we’ll then take this information and pass it back to Gawker, so they, too, can enjoy flaking, malignant lungs.

As we too often say, don’t think of this as killing ourselves. Think of us as a reason for cancer researchers to go to work each morning.

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