A Moment in Sucking Less: Spire Bags

We’re not always gloom and doom around here (although we will cop to occasionally getting lost in our flaming logo and pasting beveled song lyrics onto photoshopped self-portraits; in our defense, those lyrics are always from Phil Collins’ seminal understatement, But Seriously…). We know that sometimes companies do right by customers and we like to hear about it, especially when they are “anonymous” astroturfs sent like so much chalk to soak up our bile. Anyway, what we’re saying is, a company did something nice.

Daniel Moren of Doombot explains his experiences with a Spire laptop bag:

Let me explain. About two weeks ago, when I was at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, I lost one of the clips off my laptop bag. These fellows have been the bane of my existence on this bag. They basically work as springs, but they have a disturbing tendency to simply pop off every once in a while. To be fair, they’re pretty much the only flaw in a product that I’ve used almost everyday since I’ve owned it. Over the years, I’ve lost a half dozen of these buggers. Sometimes, If I notice quickly enough, I can usually find them on the floor and reattach them, but sometimes they’re lost to the linoleum of time.

Feel free to read Dan’s post, but we’re going to spoil it for you: After getting plenty of replacement clips, Spire finally just sent Dan a whole new bag using a new, better clip design. It’s not a recall, but it made one customer happy, and we’re in a generous mood.


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  1. Ben Sherman says:

    Spire rocks!

    I bought a bag of theirs about a year and a half ago. I broke one of the handles on it, and was sad, because my month old bag was not perfect!

    I sent an email to their customer service, and almost immediately, the President of Spire replied, asking for my address so that he could send me a new bag.

    A new one arrived two days later, with a prepaid return label and a kind note that asked me return my old bag.

    The new one has been beaten up over the past year and is holding up very strong. I love it.

    In the end, every company and every product has flaws – how they are rectified makes a world of difference.

    I would not only buy another Spire bag for myself, I whole heartedly recommend them to all of my friends.

  2. I’ve had two Spire bags, and my experiences have been pretty much the same. They’re friendly and awesome to deal with, and in the unlikely event of a problem, they make SURE you’re happy by exceeding any reasonable expectation.

    I’ll carry my Powerbook in a Spire forever.