Spam: White Dude Had It Rough, Wants To Show You His Helicopter

Here’s a spam we keep getting for some reason, despite the fact that the sender, Gary Coxe, isn’t going to trick us into hiring him for a weekly column about how to struggle against adversity (or whatever it is he expects to get out of emailing a shopping site). Here’s his classy message, today sent with the headline, “Frey’s book allegedly a scam!? Want to do a story on a TRUE tragedy story?”

His wife told him his baby wasn’t his, [Gosh, why ever would she do that? -Ed.]

His father was murdered,

His Uncle was killed in a plane crash,

Grandfather and stepfather died of cancer,

Lost a hundred thousand dollar a year business as a teenager,

Had $30,000 cash in the bank and lost it all,

All this and much more happened to Gary in about 4 years _ all by the time he was 21 years old.
But he has bounced back now!
So, today Gary owns several businesses and pilots his own private airplane and helicopter
– he truly walks his talk.

We’d link you to his website but it’s full of popups. Besides, if you really want to learn about this, you’ll pick yourself up by your bootstraps and fight through gale force winds filled with snakes surfing on shards of glass to kill the men who stand between you and a Google text entry box.