Wal-Mart CEO Responds to Critical Film

Here’s how much Robert Greenwald doesn’t like Wal-Mart: A lot. So many lots, in fact, that he made a movie about them and their evil ways.

Greenwald’s stumbled onto a memo send out by Wal-Mart CEO Bon Lee Scott and posted excerpts from it online. The memo’s topic? A reassurance of good cheer and great sales during the Wal-Mart Christmas season—with a casual mention not to worry about that silly ol’ film, with all its words and pictures and ideas.

The anti-Wal-Mart film was so ineffectual, in fact, that Scott sent out earlier memos telling managers to talk to their employees about the film’s “hurtful untruths.” We guess that means there will be a slander suit soon, right?

* Or is it libel? We always get confused with film.

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