Apple Genius Bar Soho Crashes, Burns

The Apple Store in Soho (Manhattan) is a favorite of ours, but only because we enjoy running our greasy thumbs across the once-immaculate products on display. The Genius Bar—Apple’s haughty name for their customer service desk—we avoid with extreme prejudice; We’d rather mail our faulty products back to Apple than wait in a line for hours to talk to a service tech—especially when their service can be so uneven.

Jon Collins had a simple problem with his Powerbook’s battery, but even though he was told to expect his replacement unit by the first of the year, it was the seventh of January before he had his resolution—and only after asking to see the store manager.

What’s the point of a Genius Bar when they pull the same brush-off techniques of every other company out there?


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  1. oldsmobuick says:

    i broke down and bought the $100 “pro care card” a.k.a. the “see someone at your appointment time rather than 3 hours later than your apointment time” card.

  2. tsackett says:

    I’ve used the genius bar at Seattle’s University Village Apple Store twice, and had great service both times. One of these times, I went to get a fix for a laptop keyboard that had lost a key (don’t blame Apple; my cat did it). I couldn’t justify leaving it at a repair place to have it fixed, and certainly didn’t want to mail it anywhere. The genius bar guy fixed it on the spot, using a key pulled from a “parts” keyboard kept in a drawer.

    I can see how the service could be uneven, depending on the people staffing it, but it offers a kind of service you don’t get anywhere else.

  3. RaginCajun says:

    Crappy service in New York. Imagine that. I’ll say this much for New York: it has the worst service sector (in terms of manners AND competence) in the country. I imagine that’s because all the gifted brown-noser and ass-kissers are working in PR firms.

    And as Jon found out, trying to be polite in the service world, trying to do your mama proud, gets you absolutely nowhere. That crazy woman who starts right in yelling at customer service reps and demands to see the manager, the one who makes everyone slightly nervous and embarrassed? She used to be a nice young lady who said please and thank you.

  4. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    Yeah, Genius Bar, think much of yourselves guys? The big issue that Apple has run into is servicing iPods at the store. The problems are trivial with the iPod but it still takes time to diagnose and write up each case. I really think Apple should have two Genius Bars (or one Genius and one Woodshop All-Star), one for Computers and another one where the tech can look at the frowny face on your iPod, tell you it’s nuked and give you a replacement.