Now Canada Is Suing Sony Over Rootkits

Our Northern Brethren are getting in on the act of suing the pants off of Sony BMG for their “DRM” rootkits:

With Sony slated to appear in a New York courtroom on Friday to seek approval for its class action settlement for the rootkit fiasco, its Canadian arm is now facing several Canadian class action suits. The Merchant Law Firm, based in Calgary, launched class action suits in both the Ontario and B.C. courts yesterday (Ontario brief, B.C. brief). This follows a less-publicized class action launched in Quebec against Sony last November. All of these cases arise from the rootkit issue. The briefs make for interesting reading as the Canadian cases raise a long list of legal issues including the violation of Canadian privacy law, breach of contract, violation of the Competition Act, and a host of tort claims.

We really hope every country in the world sues these scummy jerks. The chances of anyone in the RIAA learning their lesson about intrusive DRM and consumers’ rights is slim to none without a global legal strike. Don’t be fooled: giving each infected user seven dollars and fifty cents worth of mp3s (actual cost to Sony? Zero dollars and zero pennies) isn’t going to make Sony more honest. It’s just going to make them more sneaky.