Consumers Speak: Neighborhoodies Nebulous Replacement Policy

Eustacia W. writes:

I placed an order with Neighborhoodies on November 16 for a navy blue hoodie with white lettering, outlined in baby blue and a graphic of a regal lion on the front left. They sent me the sweatshirt about a week later and the lettering on the back looked great. But the front looked horrible. The regal lion was in black. On a navy blue sweatshirt. With white lettering. Now I realize that I failed to specifically state that the graphic was to be in white so that it would match the lettering. But I also most certainly did not ask that it be done in black so that it would virtually disappear on the shirt. I would think that any reasonable person would look at this and say, “Hmm, perhaps we should contact the consumer to make sure she gets what she wants and to save everybody some possible grief.” This did not happen.

I emailed Neighborhoodies the day after I got my order. And I got no response. For a week. So I called them. I left a message. I got no response. I called again and spoke to a young man who said “Sure, just mail it back to us.” So I did. I called a few days later to check to see if they had received the garment, and spoke to a young woman who told me I should not have sent it back and that it was entirely my fault that I had a $70 horrible looking sweatshirt. I told her it was too late, it was on the way back to them and that it was their problem now.

Just when I had resigned myself that I would never get my money or my sweatshirt back, on December 12th I get an email from them stating “We got your return and we’re re-doing the graphic. It’s in production right now.” So I thought my problems were solved. Hardly.

I try to email them again on the 22nd and I get no response. I try to call and I leave a message on their voice mail. Again no response. I resigned myself that I would not get it before Christmas. I started calling and leaving messages everyday. Still no response.

I would much prefer to have the sweatshirt, but I filed a complaint with my credit card company today so that maybe I can get my money back. The really sad thing is that I was willing to pay re-shipping charges & even a charge for replacing the graphic. I would have even put up with waiting an inordinately long time if they had only contacted me to let me know what the wholly hell was going on.