Victoria’s Secret Sucks: 1 Million Catalogs Mailed Per Day reports on the efforts of Forest Ethics, an environmental advocacy group, to curtail the 1 million catalogs a day that Victoria’s Secrets mass mails out. Since 25% of the paper that Victoria’s Secrets uses comes from the Great Boreal Forest, that’s a lot of endangered trees chainsawed down to feed the pitiful boners of millions of lonely 13 year olds looking for a cheap source of pubescent titillation.

It should be noted Forest Ethics is one of the less obnoxious and hippy dippy environmental advocacy groups that we’ve come across, believing more in consistent, persuasive , unyielding dialog with companies to realize their goals, as opposed to the usual prescription of tiresome martyresque hysteria. Forest Ethics’ executive director Todd Paglia also seems to have a meaty coconut perched atop his neck.

“In the Internet age, printing catalogs at this volume is like running cars on a steam engine,” [Paglia] says. “It would be quaint if it weren’t so destructive.”

Of course, the Internet can’t be stored in a rather coppery smelling wicker basket next to your toilet. Well, not yet, anyway.

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