More Consumerist News from Around the Gawkesphere

Here are a few Consumeristy links from around the Gawker ranch. May you enjoy them with much enjoyment.

Geek to Live: Year-end money moves [Lifehacker]

s Biggest Sellers? Not Books

Anyone Find a 4GB nano?? [Gizmodo] We can answer that one with just one question mark: No?

New Pension Accounting Rules To Murder GM
s Balance Sheet

The Winning Ticket [Screenhead]

Kitchen Sink Link-Dump #1: Damn Coffee Shops and Public Transit Workers [Gawker] Specifically, the link to Slate, which we could have linked directly, had we not been hoist by our own themey petard.

2005: The Year in [Porn] Box Covers [Fleshbot NSFW]