Mini Luges Down Building, Explodes & Craters

Yesterday – in our Cool, Innovative Advertising? post – we wrote about advertisers that “got it”, who managed to briefly make the world a cooler, more surreal place for their intended audience/suckers. Of course, sometimes that daily dose of surreality isn’t the masterstroke of some hip marketing guru, but the result of butterfingers with a bolt gun. The lads over at Billboardom have a great story about an ad campaign in Toronto in which a luger, frozen counter-gravitationally in time, uses a Mini Cooper to luge down a building. Except the Mini went plummeting off the side of the building, cratered, then erupted into what one can only hope was a fiery explosion 10 stories down. Absolutely awesome. Thankfully, no one was hit by the car on the way down, which is good news from a humanitarian perspective but leaves us twitching at our computer with a line about the impact of advertising on the average consumer that now, alas, can never be used.