Tip o’ the Beard and Hat to B&H Camera

The actual, successful purchase of a camera seems sort of a sad end to The Thomas Hawk Affair, but we suppose we can be happy that he got his camera in the end. Our publisher Nick Denton seems especially happy about it, since he keeps sending us links to stories about people buying cameras from B&H. We guess that means he’d like us to post up this one, as well, by Mr. Joe Wilcox of 101 Typepad Lane.

Wilcox’s story is especially complimentary to B&H:

My good friend told me that she had ordered a combo camera/camcorder for her husband for Christmas. She called B&H, which didn’t have the device in stock. After she expressed disappointment, the sales clerk suggested calling Adorma, where she eventually purchased the camera.

Adorama is a great store, too, but much praise to B&H for their willingness to satisfy the customer, even if it means a lost sale. That was a mitzvah.