Stores with Easy Returns?

Here’s a kooky question for our dozens of holiday readers: Which retail hellhole has the best returns policy?

We do most of our returns on eBay, but only because even Wal-Mart doesn’t want our half-melted candles and scorched spoons. (Needles, fortunately, are easy to swap.)


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  1. latrevo says:

    Surprisingly, my wife and I have had a couple great experiences at Marshall Fields returning some “unnecessary” wedding gifts. Without a receipt, they’ve been willing to look up what people paid and credit us that price, NOT the crazy discounted after Christmas price. They’ve also given us our 15% “we registered there” discount numerous times after our 90 day post-wedding period. My complements to Fields!

  2. Ico jones says:

    Costco can not be beaten. They will take anything back in any condition after any amount of time, with one reasonable exception — they wont take back PCs/laptops that were purchased more than six months ago.

    Target gets some love from me not because they’ll take just about anything back within 90 days (with restocking fees on some electronics and no returns of opened music, movies, video games, software and collectibles), but because if you paid with a credit card, you don’t need your original receipt — just the purchasing card.

  3. oldsmobuick says:

    the recent return of a bluetooth headset at best buy (in chelsea, NYC) was truly a religious experience for me. no questions asked… in fact they didn’t even open the box to make sure the item was in there!