Sony Style Stores Still Selling Rootkit CDs

Pete L tells us about Sony’s latest blunder in this whole rootkit fiasco. Apparently Sony Style is still selling the infected CDs.

I just got back from the Sony Style store in the Westchester mall, (White Plains, NY) and I saw that the had many CDs in the shelves that had the XCP rootkits.
I asked the manager about this and they said they were, and I quote, “still allowed to sell them”.

From Sony’s website ( “2. SONY BMG is working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software from distribution and retail chains. It has asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them to SONY BMG. This withdrawal program has been and is being widely communicated.”

I guess it asked 3rd party retailers to return the CDs to Sony so they can sell them in their own stores?
Bah humbug, Sony!


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  1. pete says:

    I went back today (12/23), I confirmed that there were at least 3 XCP CDs on the shelves still.
    I didn’t bug the staff though- I was Cmas shopping with my family and didn’t want to make a scene.

    I emailed Sony asking if the Sony Style stores are exempt from the recall.
    Their reply:

    “Thank you for contacting Sony BMG Online.

    Sony BMG has asked ALL retailers to return these CDs, this includes the SonyStyle division stores. No retailer was exempt from the XCP recall request.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

    The Sony BMG Online Support Team

    I don’t work too far from the flagship store in Manhattan. Maybe I’ll drop by there soon to see if they still have them…