WaMu Charging ATM Fees for Non-Customers

This news is a bit crusty, but we just now noticed it, and it affects us directly, so suck it up. Washington Mutual, who not two years ago pushed a massive ‘The Buck-Fifty Stops Here’ campaign in New York to promote their no-cost ATMs, has—wait for it—started charging ATM fees for non-customers. We certainly don’t recall a huge ad campaign telling everyone the fees were being reinstated after five years.

But on the upside for those who bank with WaMu, the lines should be far shorter, since the fees will only be levied on non-customers. Huddling into a Manhattan bank lobby with twenty people to play ‘Which ATM Isn’t Broken’ wasn’t exactly a good time.

On the whole, we’ve been pleased with the level of evil at WaMu, as they’ve been generally quick to fix errors and to provide friendly, easily-accessible customer service. But their online banking, while decent, does not sync natively with Quickbooks like our Fidelity account, so we are entertaining a move to a new bank. Can anyone recommmend a New York-area bank that works well with Quickbooks and has cheap or free checking and savings accounts? And while we’re at it, anyone know banks that don’t charge ATM fees at all? (Thanks, Royce!)


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  1. The Unicorn says:

    I have a Citibank account (the terrible moral implications of which do not elude me), & they don’t charge you for getting cash at other ATMs, & don’t charge anything if you get cash at one of theirs. Obviously, if you go to a non-Citi ATM, you still get hit with that ATM’s service charge, but at least you don’t get it twice.

    On the other hand…it’s Citibank.

  2. missdona says:

    Commerce has free checking for NY residents. I’m not sure if they’re nice to Quickbooks, but they sure are free. They don’t double dip the ATM fees, if you get charged by a bank, you don’t get charged again by Commerce.

    They also do free money orders and cashiers checks if you have an account there.

    And free coin counting for all.

  3. Coco Schwab says:

    Whenever I have a problem with my WaMu account they are extremely helpful and keep me updated on what is going on. Their customer service is top notch, and I don’t think you can find much better in the city.

    Then again, I don’t use QuickBooks…