This Day in Xbox 360

• Tim Harford revisits the mystery of the Xbox 360 pricing and availability, uh, mystery. The question, if you recall, is why Microsoft isn’t charging more for the 360, since they seem to be worth more if you go by the prices paid on eBay. One of the theories in Harford’s latest column—and the one he advocates as the most likely—is that if Microsoft charged more than $400 at retail, even with the pent-up demand, no one would buy them in the first place.

We’ll call it the ‘3DO Hypothesis.’

• If you’re still trying to get a 360 online, Kotaku has some good tips stolen from other blogs. Your chances of getting one before Xmas are near-hopeless, but they are still trickling in here and there.

• And personal reminder from The Consumerist to you: When the most interesting software on a new game console is its built-in light synth toy, you might not really need to buy it quite yet.