Shophackery: Filter Online Shopping Email with Gmail

Here’s a cool bit of shophackery: If you append a descriptor to the end of your Gmail name—say,, instead of—you can then add a filter to Gmail to catch all those emails. That allows you to filter out your potentially spammy online shopping mail using the same account.

One could even get more granular and create a filter for each online store, like ‘+Amazon,’ or create a test filter for a unknown company to see if they’re sending you spam, like ‘+spamtest.’ It should work pretty well until the spammers start cleaning off anything with the +.

Of course, we weren’t smart enough to figure this out on our own. Get even more knowledge at Kevin Gunn’s site.


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  1. JNelsonW says:

    Good stuff; I wish I’d known about that before my gmail account got completely spam-polluted. At this point it’d be a little futile.

  2. Juancho says:

    I set up a bunch of different Gmail accounts to keep stuff separate. One for personal mail, one for shopping, one for junk mail/survey stuff, etc.

    It’s actually not as time consuming as you would think, and very effective.