Staples Charges Per-File Fee to Make Your Copies

A pal of head BoingBoinger Mark has stumbled across an unbelievable $2.49 per file ‘virus scanning’ charge levied by Staples when customers bring in documents to be printed. Another former Staples employee writes in to say that the fee is more of a document handling type of thing, with an initial $2.49 plus $99 per file charge, just because it’s more of a pain to deal with files than to copy something from paper to paper.

Anyway you slice it, it’s highway robbery. (Thanks, Danilo!)

Staples Charges for Virus Scanning [BoingBoing]


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    Yeah and considering their direct competitor, OfficeMax doesn’t charge anything, AND they have more options other than “Microsoft or PDF” for file types, I’d take my printing there first. They also have better machines, and better trained associates.

  2. TheFullStaples says:

    The charge is no longer for the “virus scan.” Their is, however, now a $2 charge for every file that has to be converted to PDF (wideformat color is one of them).

  3. Maybe says:

    Current Staples Associate – Verifying that there is no longer a file scanning fee, but we do have the conversion fee. I generally charge it when you have multiple pages that would otherwise have to be hand-collated (i.e. you have a book where each chapter is it’s own file, and you want 20 copies of the entire book).