Research Says Nobody Believes the Internet

Here’s a dry bone to gnaw on this morning. Some research company called BIGresearch—didn’t spend a lot of research time on the name, apparently—has polled 15,000 folks to determine the influence of media on their purchasing decisions.

Now as you can see from the graphic, when you add in a product category things change up a bit, then change again when you add in age demographics. It’s almost like numbers mean something.

Unfortunately, the internet barely registers in the general sense, coming in at number 10, while word of mouth remains supreme. You should all tell you friends about this ‘internet’—they might like it.

BIGresearch Releases SIMM VII [MarketWire via CotC]


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  1. Don’t forget – this is self-reported data; it only reveals what people claim influences them, it doesn’t tell us anything about actual behavior or actual influences about behavior.

    Self-reported data is obviously highly biased (anecdoatal example: people report they watch fewer hours of TV than say, a Nielsen box, would suggest)

  2. Of course “internet advertising” came in at #10. Most regular folk will think of annoying banner ads and pop-ups when they hear “internet advertising”. I also feel compelled to point out that “internet” is not precisely the same thing as “internet advertising”, and I can’t tell if it’s just the way they wrote up their list or if it was an actual difference in the survey…