Independent Indulgences: Big Box Guilt-B-Gone

You might feel guilty from buying from anything but the most independent of retailers. If you have fallen sway to the charms of big box stores, Cambridge bookstore Lorem Ipsum is offering ‘Bookstore Indulgences’ to assuage your guilt, complete with quasi-official Catholicy font. By purchasing these indulgences, you give the bookstore free money—and they forgive you.

These indulgences, like their religious precursor of old, cost actual money—$50 buys $100 worth of guilt-cleansing; $100 buy $200; and so on. So while we appreciate the wink and half of the nod, if any of you actually pay real money to purchase one of these items, we will be beating you with one fist while rapidly throwing together our own web form with the other. (Thanks, FMA!)

Independent Indulgences [LoremLabs]


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  1. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    This is precisely the reason that I loathe the staff at 90% of the independent retailers in my area; they assume they know what I’ll like better than I do. If I ask “Do you have the remastered version of Loaded?”, please don’t respond, “If you like the Velvets, you really should get the new Deerhoof CD, it’s better.”. I’m all for knowledgeable staff and I like hearing well reasoned recommendations, in fact I enjoy them, at the right time. But please, don’t use every question as an entrance to let me know how incredibly progressive your tastes in music are. Dpn’t use in an attempt to make me feel unhip. Yes, I seriously like Cheap Trick. No, I don’t find them ironic/post-ironic. They should just be thrilled that someone is actually paying for music. If I knew anything about literature this would probably happen in book stores as well.

  2. dukerayburn says:

    Isn’t this just a clever way to deliver a double-your-money giftcard? I don’t really think this is anything to get upset about. They’re exchanging $50 in cash for $100 of their product. It’s like a 50% off sale, really, and they engineer a smart little theme for it. I don’t see any harm in it, really.

  3. tomdobb says:

    The site isn’t particularly clear but I got the impression that you don’t get to actually spend the money. It’s basically donated to the book store and then you get to feel good about yourself. It’s charity, not a gift card.

  4. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    It’s not good for merchandise. It’s good for relieving your guilt regarding merchandise purchased from chain stores. That’s all…they say it goes to helping their bottom line. People that purchase these typically update their MySpace profile after every thing their OMG soooooo cute kitten does. It’s true, he just fell trying to climb up the couch…that darned cat!@#!$!@#@!