Taxi and Livery Vehicle Rules Updated for Strike

We realize this isn’t a New York-only site (thank god for that, actually), but this whole transit strike has got us all a bit mixed up. This one goes out to my commuting homies.

A natural reaction to the strike is to say, “Those cabbies are going to make out like whoa.” It would seem that isn’t actually the case, with pricing locked down at lower, capped rates. There’s a $10 maximum, for example, for travel within one fare zone, and a flat-rate $30 charge to and from LaGuardia.

Sounds awesome, until you realize there will likely also be four other people crammed into the cab with you—and that’s assuming you’ll find one to hail at all. Suddenly those Segways don’t sound so stupid.

Taxi FHV Rules []

Bonus: Our slutty sisters at Gawker report that some Brooklynites can milk this for free coffee.