Alaskan Teens Selling Xboxes in Parking Lot Robbed

We can’t decide which part of this story makes us shiver the most: the fact that teenagers were hawking Xbox 360’s in a parking lot or that they were doing so in Alaska. Either way it was a dumb decision, since those precious Xboxen were stolen right from them at gunpoint.

A man who was described as bald and wearing bluejeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt walked up to the van, opened its sliding door and pulled a gun out, police said. The man ordered the teen to open the van’s rear door. Another man, described as having dark curly hair, opened the door and took four of the Xboxs.

The poor, 14-year-old kid in the car managed to hide a single remaining Xbox under his feet. We’re sure when his other four teenage friends returned, they graciously let him keep his.


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  1. dukerayburn says:

    A bald man in Alazka, eh? J. Allard seems to have gone quite far north trying to score an 360 for Ballmer’s woefully box-less children. How sweet of him. Y’know he’s not a local because of the baldness. Any sensible Alaskan would have hair. Otherwise they freeze to death.

    Ze proof!
    Poor Ballmer: