Unsolicited Phone Calls: Wasting Their Time

Image courtesy of s payroll.

Danilo writes:

My fianc
e worked as a telemarketer for awhile, and she
s good people, so I feel bad about being rude to callcenter people these days.

However, have you ever gotten these unsolicited phone calls where they actually have the nerve to use an automated recording to call you up and then ask you to wait upwards of 60 seconds for a live person to finally show up and make their intentions known? I
ve been getting this a bit on my cell number lately. Since I imagine the
Wait for a representative, please
business to be a cost-saving measure, I delight in waiting for the representative to show up on the line and start talking. I respond in a stilted tone meant to simulate customer service voice prompt hell, requesting politely that my new telemarketer friend state the name of the individual they wish to reach. Of course, my off-the-cuff prompts never correctly interpret their intentions.

Please wait while I transfer you to fish canning.

Even better, by their behavior, it is clear they genuinely believe they are dealing with a computer. The frustrations thus vented by these folks is delightful, but even more rewarding is the minute
s revenge I exact upon the inconsiderate company
s payroll.

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