Hopefully Nearly Final Xbox 360 ‘Second Wave’ Update

We’re getting a bit tired of the Xbox 360 shopping and we haven’t even purchased one. While we will probably camp out in the frigid air Saturday night to get a crack at Best Buy’s Sunday morning restock, we will also probably turn right around and sell our excess on eBay, just to spite those who say doing so is mercenary. (Duh!)

We have personally gotten reports that Best Buy will also be ‘opening’ BestBuy.com Sunday morning for a limited number of 360 sales to coincide with their brick-and-mortar stores, but we can’t determine if that’s truly the case.

Dorky brother site Kotaku is trying to compile a list of places where Xbox 360s have been spotted. In specific, it’s not all that useful, but it at least lets you know which stores have gotten some supplies back in (Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Game Crazy).

Happy hunting. We’ll continue to update you on availability until we can no longer stand to do so, which was about four post ago, but inertia is a bitch.