The Syrupy Smell of Success

See, you can dumpster dive for Wendy’s cups and have a cute girlfriend. This is Today’s Hobo.

Tower of Cups [Flickr]


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  1. airship says:

    This shows just how much I have grown to distrust business. I eat at Wendy’s all the time, and have been tossing the cups. I just assumed there would be so many restrictions and other ‘gotchas’ that it wouldn’t be worth trying to turn the cups in. The offer, like many other promotions, just sounded too good to be true. You mean people are actually GETTING tickets by turning in cups, and they’re actually able to FLY SOMEWHERE using those tickets? At a time when someone would actually WANT to fly? Call me jaded, but I find that very, very difficult to believe. Can we hear from someone who has actually cashed in on this offer, not just somebody who is dumpster-diving for the cups?

  2. Aaron D. says:

    Can anyone describe how the cups are received by the airlines? Do you bring them with you to the airport?

    Also, do people realize that you need to sign up with their credit card for this deal? Is that a painful process?

    Anyone actually do this want to describe their experience?

  3. Well together we have 4 roundtrip tickets already credited to our accounts. I can’t vouch for how easy it is to book a trip yet.

    and err… thanks :P

  4. 1) You sign up for a FREE Airtran A+ Reward Account. This is NOT a credit card, it is a frequent flier program.

    2) You cut the coupons out of the cup and mail it into the Airtran processing place.

    3) You get points added to your account, just like if you would have flown all those miles.

    None of this would need to be explained if you read the details of the offer: