PRICE ALERT: Amazon/TRU Has Xbox 360 for Sale

Two bundles, $1k apiece. Ships in 24 hours, they say. Go, go, go.

Update: Looks like Gamestop may have some bundles available, too. $1k and $1.5k.

Yeah, these deals are all rip-offs, but we’re not going to judge you today.


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  1. Promethean says:

    The Gamestop availability is BOGUS. Not in the “they’re lying” sense, but in the “They’re a cash-grabbing piece of crap company” sense. They are selling these bundled Xboxes, but people with a pre-order non-bundled rig are getting the shaft from the retail side. My local Gamestop in Northern NJ? Only six more Xboxen, and that barely covers the pre-orders they had through the end of last May.

    While the bundle strategy may make immediate financial sense, the people the pre-ordered are the core gamers that average more frequent purchases, and shafting them is what Gamestop is really doing. Thanks, pricks.