Bank Bans Clocks to Confuse Customers

If we were the gnarlled toothed ogres who work at NatWest bank, we would call removing all clocks from the public waiting areas a ‘customer hack.’ Rather than work to shorten the lines of customers at NatWest, bank managers have chosen to instead remove all timepieces from the walls.

One worker said: “If people have been standing waiting to see a cashier for a long time they can get very cross.

“With a clock there, it was difficult for us to disagree with them. Without one it’s harder for them to complain.”

Time’s up for bank clocks [The Sun UK via BoingBoing]


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  1. godmstr says:

    its a good thing most of us wear watches or have a clock on our cellphone so we can still see how long they are taking and continue to complain

  2. airship says:

    If only there were a way for people to actually CARRY a clock with them, but I guess that would be kind of bulky and inconvenient. It’s too bad somebody can’t figure out how to MINIATURIZE a clock so it could be easily carried. Maybe you could even WEAR a tiny clock on a necklace, or even a bracelet, so you could tell what time it was not matter where you were. It’s too bad we have to count on the grace of big, impersonal corporations like banks to provide us with access to timekeeping equipment.

  3. Josh says:

    Coffee Shop I worked in didn’t have a clock on the walls so customers would be more likely to stay longer.

    Conference rooms had a clock though.

    I wonder when they will have the security guards confiscating watches.

  4. Mike Panic says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  5. mad_oak says:

    The key is.. you don’t actually look at your watch or cell phone until AFTER you’ve been waiting a while…. thats when you start keeping track and it gives the bank a 5-10 minutes leeway. Maybe I should add A SMALL STOPWATCH TO MY KEYCHAIN. JUST START IT WHENEVER I GET IN LINE.