Vertical Xbox 360s Scratch Discs?

Could positioning the Xbox 360 vertically—the way it’s shown in almost all its ads—actually scratch game and movie discs? That’s the explanation offered by one Microsoft customer service rep, who went on to explain that Microsoft would not be replacing discs scratched due to using to the Xbox in the ‘improper’ position.

We’ve already established that the Xbox 360 will scratch discs if you move it while it’s turned on, which is bummer, but a pretty common issue for all disc drives. We hope this vertical nonsense is the byproduct of one CSR’s laziness. Indeed, many responders in the article have used a vertically-oriented Xbox 360 with no scratches at all. Keep an eye on it, we say.


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  1. peachykonan says:

    I just bought and setup a new xbox 360 about 5 minutes ago and placed it into a vertical position. After playing Gears of War for about 10 minutes, I started encountering a ‘disc read error’ message. The underlying cause is due to the console’s reader destroying my disc via scratching. This is the FIRST game I played and I didn’t even move the console. This rumour is apparently true. The build date of the console was September 5, 2006.

  2. medalian1 says:

    Scratched mine and I didn’t move it either! Here are the pics: []

  3. ReneeNU says:

    My husband and I own an Xbox 360 and purchased Rock Band 2 as Christmas present for ourselves. We have heard of the vertical Xbox causing scratches, so we keep ours horizontal. For some reason, this did not prevent a perfect semi-circle scratch from appearing on our game! We called Microsoft and were offered a replacement game – a choice of two children’s games that don’t make use of the drums/guitar set that cost us so much money to begin with. We were offered no other compensation and were told to call Amazon, where we originally got the game, for a replacement, even though the problem was no fault of Amazon. I am so frustrated! Anyone else have experience with this? Any way to resolve the issue?

  4. Anonymous says:

    same here i’ve been playing my Call Of Duty 4 game in the vertical postion and its been scratched beyond repair and now microsoft says they can’t replace my game and they never heard about this problem before, but microsoft does know about this they want to be cheap and save money by not putting rubber pads on the disc reader to stop scratching our disc, i say if your reading this you should take it to court, because they are violating some consumer rights.