Kentucky Prescription Drug Resellers: By the Gram

Drug-selling grannies! Finally, a story we can sink our gums into. It seems that one industry is finally giving moonshining a run for its money in Kentucky: reselling prescription drugs to addicts (or, you know, people who like to take painkillers). Since April of ’04, over 40 senior citizens have been charged with selling drugs, putting a strain on a incarceration system ill-equipped to handle the elderly.

The Rev. Doug Abner, pastor of Community Church in Manchester and an anti-drug activist, said senior citizens may not understand the seriousness of selling prescription drugs.
“They justify it because they’re having a hard time financially,” he said. “Left to ourselves, we can justify anything, but they’re really part of the problem.”

Of course the real question is: Are these Grandmothers of Slangin’ maximizing their profits by buying from discount overseas pharmacies? And if so, which ones, and can we get their domain names?

We have this headache. And no insurance.

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