Xbox 360 @ Best Buy: The Return

The ol’ Xbox 360 inventory tracker is back, this time detailing how many 360’s your local Best Buy should be receiving for the December 18th restock (very probably the last chance you’ll have to pick up an Xbox before Christmas). According to The Consumerist’s top-secret internal Best Buy sources (this dude we know in the stock room), the numbers are legit.

Best Buy has said no midnight lines for this sale, but the 18th is a Sunday. We’ll probably be bundling up in our snowsuits and heading out to Chelsea to camp the stores anyway, after which we’ll gladly sell your our extras for a 200% premium on eBay.

BestBuy Second Shipment Xbox 360 Locator []

Bonus 360 Tip: We’re getting scattered reports of units available in Targets. Might be worth a shot. If the person on the phone sounds especially perturbed, tell them we sent you.


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  1. YMMV RADIO says:

    this ain’t news – costco had them last friday between 100-200 units a store – 1 per costco cardholder but most stores didn’t really stick with that – hence the fact the prices dropped on ebay on saturday – gl fighting off a bunch of idiots at best buy to maybe get one unit.

  2. mmr says:

    oh what the fuck. i’m going to most likely be at the chelsea location, drunk as shit, swaggering around waiting to get my xbox so i can sell it for xmas cheer.

  3. NE says:

    i wonder how many of those units are going to be bought by employees to be re-sold?
    why didn’t microsoft just sell 1/2 the units themselves? they could have saved a few dollars on selling customer direct (and they would aquire a great deal of consumer data. with a product in such damand, i would imagine that nearly everyone wanting the xbox would gladly enter in a great deal of personal information if they could get a unit faster)