For That Ads: Honda’s “Impossible Dream”

Honda’s new ad campaign highlights not their newest technical accomplishments, but instead the long history of mechanical innovation across a variety of powered vehicles—all set to the tune of ‘The Impossible Dream.’ It would seem that Honda is trying to remind us of its standing as an engineering giant, rather than another discount Asian import. Oddly enough, it worked on us. We had a moment of shock when we realized we would be just as likely to purchase an old Honda S600 to tool around in as we would be to purchase a British roadster, like an Austin Healey.

Of course, what immediate good that does Honda when it comes to selling us a new car or lawnmower today, we don’t know. Brand goodwill is one of the great intangibles.

Watch if: You’re a Honda, striped jumpsuit, or Sophia Loren fan. (Loren is not in the commercial, but the way it is shot, one wouldn’t be surprised to see her appear.)

Avoid if: You have a fear of waterfalls or handlebar mustaches.

The Impossible Dream [QT via MeFi]

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