All-Star Rants Showcase: Boycott Boycotts

While we’re riding Metafilter like the magical pony on a journey to its navel that it is, let’s extract this bit of fried gold and take it along for the ride. In response to a fan of The Family Guy, outraged about Fox’s scheduling problems and proposes a boycott, Lore Sjoberg writes:

I’m already boycotting my cable company. Can I, you know, sub-boycott? Or do I have to end my boycott of Comcast so that I can get Family Guy and not watch it?

How about if I refuse to download it via BitTorrent, which is easy enough given that I don’t use BitTorrent. Unless BitTorrent pisses me off, in which case I’ll have to start using BitTorrent so that I can stop using it, which means I won’t be able to refuse to use BitTorrent to download Family Guy, because I’ll already be refusing to use it for its own sake.

I suppose I could go ahead and get busy not downloading Family Guy now. At my current download rate, I should be able to not download the entire series in about a week. I could avoid downloading them even faster, but I’m boycotting the company that I was considering getting a T1 from if I ever made enough money.

However, I should check their Web site. Maybe they’ve reformed and I can go from boycotting them to simply not being able to afford them, in which case I should be able to not get it installed in a couple days if I don’t order their express service, and assuming the lack of install goes smoothly — and I’ll boycott them if it doesn’t — then I should be able to not download Family Guy by not using BitTorrent while I’m asleep, if I wasn’t boycotting The Sleep Number guys.