Afternoon Freebies: Vermont Bee Balm

Dell Game! Dell Game! Choose the middle stocking and win nothing, again and again!

Redbook readers (and by proxy, Consumerist readers) can sign up to receive a sample of Chicken of the Sea’s upcoming salmon and ahi tuna steaks when they become available this spring. They say only the first 1,000 sign-ups are eligible, so if we don’t get a vacuum-sealed slab of fish flesh in the mail by April, we’re going right back to dolphin.

• Speaking of dolphins, get a free sample of Wardley’s Spectra Max tropical fish food. Dolphins can’t eat this stuff, but when you’ve got one locked up in the bedroom, it sure is hilarious to watch them try.

• For a free sample of Original Bee Balm ointment for hands, body, and lips, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Vermont Bee Balm Company 1181 Guy Lot Road Craftsbury, Vermont 05826. They’re a small, family-run company, so maybe send them something nice in return. (Not bees.)

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