Morning Deals Round Up

• We have been informed that Express’s Annual $20 off all jeans sale begins today, and according to their website, that is totally true. However, we have also been informed that this sale “historically never includes the ones embellished with $100’s worth of rhinstones on the ass.”

• Today’s Woot: The Salton Breadman Ultimate Dream Machine Breadmaker for $75, shipped. We think bread machines are cute but pointless trivialities that should be replaced by a decent pan and the extra fifteen minutes it takes to knead dough by hand. But you get right on that.

• has refurbished 60GB iPod photo models for $350, with a 10% off coupon for new customers. $10 shipping. These aren’t the new ones that will do video, but they do have color screens. [via Dealnews]

• Random craporium Hammacher Schlemmer has a private online sale with up to 70% off prices. An extra 10% off code: BHE798 may work, as well. Most of their product lineup is very Skymall, but ’tis the season to be giving two-sided outdoor clocks and such. [via TechBargains]

• Dell’s 12 Days of Deals has a 802.11g Wi-Fi router for $40. We have not used Dell’s networking gear in many years, because it used to be crap. Caveat router.


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  1. AVB says:

    Doesn’t the MacArthur Foundation own Hammacher Schlemmer? Each remote control Hummer you buy funds Jonathan Lethem, so please, think before you buy.

  2. YMMV RADIO says:

    Express –

    Buy the gift cards at 20% off from places like DealPass – then wait for friends & family sale. You’ll have your sparkly jeans at discount in no time.

    Woot –

    Great site when the manufacturer does the deal (like infocus projectors). Breadmakers have been $10-15 on forever – and probably even cheaper on eBay. Bread maker bread tastes like crap anyway.

    iPod –

    Go get yourself an Amazon 25% off coupon from (amex wishlist). Then add it to your account along with a dvd – then add your ipod – then remove the dvd – you can get a new video ipod 60 gig with no tax free shipping – $299 delivered.


    There’s no value at all even at 70% off.

    – Sam @ ymmvradio dot com