Manhattan Shopping Alert: Bliss Blowout Sale; Update: Bliss Smells Like Flouride

Tony spa Bliss is clearing out lots of stock today through Saturday. We’d suggest arriving today, on your lunch break, with a knife.

Full details after the jump.

Bliss is Setting up Spa at Street Level

WHO: bliss brings you serious bliss-counts on its spa and catalogs
best beauty selections
WHEN: December 8th – 10th

Thursday – 8am

Friday & Saturday 9am

WHERE: 345 Hudson Street (at the corner of Charlton St)

Ground Level

New York City

Closest Subway
1 Train, at Houston

For more information, please call 646.502.1504

WHY : Score sought after stuff from bliss spa without breaking the holiday bank

the boxes may be bent, or have a little

but in the name of beauty, it
s money well spent!(Prices will be as low as $1)

Save up to 75%

Update: We totally almost forgot to add this qualifying argument from one SE about why Bliss’s products are totally overrated. Totally!

SEK writes:

Here is something that has been bothering me ever since I got a swag
bag full of goodies that included some products from the oft-praised
Bliss spa. First, there’s the “Sweet Orange and Spearmint Sugar
Scrub.” The orange and spearmint combo smells like the two worst
flavors of fluoride that you used to have to sit through at the
dentist’s as a kid. It retails for $36 and I haven’t yet been able to
convince a friend to take it off my hands for free. All of them start
off really excited by the idea of getting something from Bliss, but
then after smelling it refuse to take it home with them.

Then there’s their lemon and sage hair and body care products:

Otherwise known as the stuff in your bathroom at the W hotels. Smells
like cleaning products and dries your hair like cheap hotel shampoo
does. I’m all for food-flavored fancy salon products – but these guys
have struck out twice with the orange/mint, lemon/sage stuff. It all
just seems very _cheap_. I don’t understand why they have a counter
and Bloomies in Soho.