Brooklyn Camera Retailer Storefront Pictures

Even before The Thomas Hawk Affair with PriceRitePhoto, The Consumerist was preoccupied with the phenomenon of Brooklyn-based camera stores. For one, we live in Brooklyn. For two, we recently purchased a camera and did much comparison shopping beforehand.

We wish we would have then been privy to this brilliant picture archive compiled by Don Wiss, showing the storefronts of dozens of online camera retailers. Not only do we happen to find mundane New York storefronts interesting in and of themselves, but are also aghast that there is a grey market store called ‘Radio Active Electronics’ that we have not had the pleasure to be fleeced in.

As always, thanks to this peculiar breed of scammers, avoid discount camera dealers at almost all cost. (Thanks, Galen!)


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  1. YMMV RADIO says:

    The discount guys are fine. You need to use one you find on or where the retailer does not want to be de-listed.

    You also want to order one from out of state. With the exception of B&H there are few hardcore discounters in New York State.

  2. The discount guys are definetely not fine. PriceGrabber and Yahoo! Shopping are fundamentally flawed. A lot of the commenters on the Hawk affair told tails of being fined for writing negative reviews or being bribed to write positive ones. If you read some of the reviews that were for PriceRitePhoto on Yahoo! you could tell that they had been cut and pasted into the the rating forms. The entries were identical, even down to the poor spelling and grammer.

  3. Rishi says:

    I’ve now twice bought a canon sd 400 from beach camera (the first one was drowned in a river by a friend during a misadventure in the foothills of the himalayas), and while they aren’t the lowest price online, they still offer a good discount over the standard price, and I’ve never had anything but professionalism and prompt service from them.
    I’d highly recomend them. No coersion to buy accessories, quick to ship, good prices, and the working product I paid for.

  4. Mike Panic says: and are two sites definatly worth checking out if the price seems too good to be true.

    There is now an MP3 of the Wawa Camera phone call, link was aquired from here