Today in Media: CDs to Avoid, Songs to Stream, Lyrics to Question

• Confused by the whole ‘Sony Rootkit’ debacle and don’t know which CDs might install malicious software that leaves your PC vulnerable to compromise? Sony BMG has a list of the 50 CDs with the MediaMax DRM, making it easy for you to avoid purchase. You’ll just have to get your ‘YoungBloodZ’ fix elsewhere.

• Also, EFF’s Fred von Lohmann blogs about Real Networks’ new web-based Rhapsody music streaming service, which makes recording of streamed songs trivial. We won’t go so far as Fred to call it the “Beginning of the end for music DRM,” but being able to record versions of music you’ve payed for sounds fair usey to us.

• Warner/Chappel sends a cease-and-desist to the developer of pearLyrics, a free tool that scours the internet for lyrics and adds them to the metadata of your MP3s. Because you payed to listen to those sounds, not understand what they mean.

[via Digg and BoingBoing]