TextDrive: Don’t Be a Dick

It only takes one “dick” to tear us all apart. Case in point: This drama-packed thread detailing one customer’s horrid experiences with web hosting company TextDrive. Here’s the dick in question, posted by TextDrive President and COO Jason Hoffman, in a thread where a person was complaining about server uptime:

There’s really just one rule at textdrive, and that’s at every level, and that is Don’t be an asshole. Some rephrase it as Don’t be a dick. It’s not really about awe, or being uptight, or being chill, it’s simply about being a dick.
I don’t think it’s necessary at any level. It’s really no different then yelling “fat fuck” at a fat person on a treadmill.

That, friends, is how you talk to customers. (Before you .zip up their account and cancel them, like Hoffman did to the customer who was complaining.)

If you’d like to waste entirely too much time reading the whole saga like we did, start at the bottom of this category page and move up. The original complain in the TextDrive forum was locked, but you can download a copy from Kickflop.net.

Update: A dissent! A story about Jeff [Shtuff.us]


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  1. Nick Denton says:
  2. Lifehacker readers had a few suggestions.

  3. Archetypal says:

    I feel dumber in the most Billy Madison sort of way for having even skimmed that. May God have mercy on my soul. The original guy sort of had my sympathy until he asserted that the lurkers were emailing him in private and supported him. I think it’s a codicil to Godwin’s Law that you must no longer consider someone human once they’ve said they have the lurkers on their side.

    The other side showed the kind of class and positive customer interaction that only the best IT departments could ever hope to emulate.

    The supposed third party that took the time to write a novella about the whole situation needs a hobby, and yes I realize the irony of my saying that as I meta-pontificate.

    In the end? If as a customer your provider isn’t meeting your service-level requirements, use a different one. It’s not like there’s only one cheap shared hosting solution out there.

    If you’re a web business, then maybe you should work on tact because in the time it takes for the screen to refresh after posting after you’ve called someone a catamite, two dozen blogs and forums will be analyzing what you said.