NyQuil Minus Pseudoephedrine: Now Pseudoeffective

When once we were Tiny Consumerists who ate dirt, our sniffling noses and mild fevers were accompanied by dread. Would we be subjected to that foul syrup Nyquil, the vile tincture that tasted like candied anise melted between the assfolds of Sammy Davis Jr’s scotch-soaked corpse? Even with a milk chaser and the (inexplicably effective) soothing sound of a running tap, we could barely choke it back. This quickly bred our propensity for bucking up, which will be useful come the day when we are dying of lung cancer and Gawker Media still doesn’t offer insurance.

Even Nyquil LiquiCaps, ostensibly devoid of the funk, have barely allowed us to use the medicine over the years, but now we have an even better excuse for avoiding the stuff: apparently it now blows. Blogger Rob Stevens blames the ineffectiveness of NyQuil and DayQuil on a recent change of ingredients. Nyquil has ditched the decongestant pseudoephedrine in favor of phenylephrine and doxylamine succinate. Neither apparently works as effectively as the pseudoephedrine, either on a sick person’s nose, or in the crusty coffee machine carafe of the apocryphal neighborhood meth cooker.

Fortunately, not all over-the-counter pharms are so afraid of the demon methamphetamines: Advil Cold & Sinus as well as Tylenol Cold & Flu still kick out the sinus jams, mufferfuffer.

The New DayQuil (and NyQuil) Blows … A Lot [SuperRob.Blogspot]


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  1. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I don’t get colds too often, so I can’t comment on the use of NyQuil, but candied anise actually sounds pretty good. But hey, I like black liquorice, and candied anise can’t be that different. However… I’ll get my own candied anise, thanks.

  2. Dirk says:

    There is (or should I say, was) nothing like a Nyquil high. Once again, the meth users have ruined it for the rest of us.

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    I discovered the generic claritin D 24 hour allergy medicine back in the spring. It did wonders for seasonal allergies and migrane headaches. Then the govenor of the great state of MN decided to limit the ammount of over-the-counter drugs with pseudoephedrine to 6 grams a month. a box of 10 pills can only be purchased 2 times a month to an individual. at the time of purchase you must present valid picture ID and sign a form that includes your name, DOB, license number, and address. Nothing worse than getting “the look” from the woman behind the counter when you have a splitting sinus headache. Thanks Pawlenty, you stupid bastard…

  4. jleeski says:

    All these comments seem to be informative and even amusing, but after being sick for nearly three weeks with no relief from my old friend NYQUIL with that old magic formula, I believe I’ve come up with a reason for the FDA discontinuing the effective ingredients……………..health insurance. Many Americans are uninsured and use over-the-counter medicines for relief, the government is trying to force more people into buying expensive health insurance. What better way is there than to take away cheap relief, more people will visit doctors seeking relief from cold and flu symptoms. I know for myself that this round of flu for me was miserable, with no real effective over-the-counter medicines available. Just my thoughts…….

  5. jaylew says:

    I get a head cold maybe once a year…and yesterday was the day….when I went to go buy my trusty Nyquil….it was not until I got home..and took it…with it doing nothing…that I noticed…the f*cking government apparently is worried about me so much that even pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is all controlled now…..every day it gets stupider…hey DEA assholes..I have a head cold…..I am not interested in making a meth lab…good lord almighty.

  6. ralleia says:

    I’m down with a nasty flu and knew I was in trouble because the new Nyquil doesn’t work. My husband found that the Walgreen’s Nyquil knock-off (behind the pharmacy counter at Walgreens) STILL IS THE ORIGINAL NYQUIL FORMULA!!

    I don’t know if they plan to change in the future or keep the pseudoephedrine, but it’s an interim solution.

  7. justpissed says:

    Oh, we have more than government control and the million dollar pharmaceutical companies to thank for taking away the magic potion in Nyquil. Apparently there were a handful of morons drinking this stuff in place of alcohol to get their buzz on. I knew one such moron. His reasoning? He could hide the alcohol smell from his wife. Apparently, there were enough of these said morons doing this that the good ol Uncle Sam stepped in and fucked everything up for those of that really needed it. I don’t know why they even bother putting Nyquil on the shelf anymore. Anyone know of any home Nyquil labs?
    Sign Me,
    A midnite sniffling grumpy bitch that would shove bamboo shoots up her nose right now to get some relief…this is btw after two tylenol severe congestion tabs and a round of nasal spray…I have to go cut some lines of my new home snorting remedy.. horseradish and jalapeno peppers.