Xbox 360 Can Scratch Game Discs

Buy early, buy again—because the first model always sucks. If you couldn’t resist the lure of Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 game console, do yourself a favor and don’t move it while it’s on. Even though a selling point of the new console is that it can be oriented either horizontally or vertically, turning it from one position to the other while it is on will cause the game disc inside to be gouged. Big scratches on your new $60 game and the smell of burnt plastic. Is it Christmas already? even has a movie showing the scratching in action. [1.5MB WMV]


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  1. mmr says:

    Um… don’t move the xbox while playing a game. Am I missing something here?

    I heard that if you try to put your hand in a blender while its on you scratch your fingers.

  2. Nougat says:

    I change the orientation of my ps2 on a regular basis, while in operation, because my cord is too short, so I would have expected a console designed for either orientation to do the same. I think a big part of it is microsoft isn’t replacing scratched discs, so it’s one of those $50 learning experiences.

  3. confab says:

    I did the same with my PS2. Also, disc drives have been portable in CD players and notebook computers for a while, so that blender analogy is flawed. Plus, my Xbox360 did this too. I wondered if it would be quieter on its side, and voila, instant coaster. Amazing that such a loud, crashing, destructive, defective product is the hottest selling item on the market.