The Suck Site Review:

A classic example of post-Flash minimalism, offers customer complaints alongside horror stories from employees. Presented in Plainest Text™, even has the good grace to offer a “Pro-BB” section, where customers and employees can offer a balance to the six years of collected vitriol which is indexed month-by-month.

Sadly, the few graphical elements take a turn for the puerile. Animated GIF men prance across the screen to urinate on a Best Buy logo, while a waving American flag reminds us that, no matter how poorly big box stores may treat us as shoppers, will always remember 9/11.

The content makes up for the Cyber+Dsign—almost. We dare anyone to thumb through the latest employee complaints without feeling guilty for every toaster and cheap DVD you’ve ever purchase from the Big Ol’ Tag. (And the opposite of guilty for never buying a Product Service Plan ever again.)

The Consumerist’s Suck Rating: Four Broken Plasma Screens for Content. Two Broken Plasma Screen demerit for animated graphics, for a total of Two (Out of Five).

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